'Let the automatic transmission shift like new again'

No less than 90% of the automatic gear changing problems are caused by pollution that occurs during normal wear and use. Widespread complaints of automatic transmissions with contaminated and aged Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) are, for example:

  • Poor gear changing
  • Banging
  • Slipping clutches
  • Fluctuations in RPM
  • Increased fuel consumption 
  • Malfunctioning of kick-down
  • Refusal of the automatic gearbox

With Kroon-Oil PowerFlush® TPE, you flush, clean, and refill the complete automatic transmission quickly and effectively. As a result, automatic transmission problems caused by pollution can promptly be resolved. Kroon-Oil PowerFlush® TPE has proven itself in practice; after a PowerFlush® treatment, the automatic transmission functions as if it were new in most cases.

Long-Life doesn't mean 'forever'

Many car manufacturers indicate that the factory-filled long-life ATF never needs to be replaced. At Kroon-Oil, we believe that using long-life ATF can extend the refresh periods, but using it, is not a free pass to never refresh the ATF again.

Practice shows that many automatic transmissions eventually show poor shifting behaviour. The automatic transmission is one of the most heavily loaded parts of the car. Therefore, ATF is one of the lubricants exposed to the most extreme conditions. Very high thermal loads from ATF when accelerating and braking, a sporty driving style and heavy loads when driving with a trailer or caravan significantly impact the lifespan of a lubricant.

A degradation process in which the oil becomes acidic, dirt is formed, and the lubricity of the ATF decreases is inevitable. Acids and dirt attack the parts in the car body, and in the long run, the reduced lubricity will further promote the wear process. The complaints that arise from this are very annoying and can ultimately lead to the automatic transmission completely refusing service, even in reasonably new cars with low mileage.

Automatic Transmission flushing machine: PowerFlush® TPE

The solution to the complaints above lies in a highly effective, simple device: Kroon-Oil PowerFlush® TPE. This advanced machinery flushes, cleans, and refreshes the automatic transmissions very quickly and effectively, resulting in a refresh rate of 100%. All pipes, valves, the oil cooler, torque converter and oil channels are thoroughly flushed and cleaned. So it's really repairing without tinkering.

Shifting complaints caused by pollution can be easily remedied. However, even if there are no complaints yet, it makes sense to flush the automatic transmission preventively to avoid expensive repairs in the future. After a PowerFlush® TPE treatment, the automatic transmission shifts and functions like new in most cases.

The process is highly effective with minimal effort and without creating a mess in the garage. Our PowerFlush® TPE is connected to the transmission's oil circuit through a return pipe, whereafter the ATF can circulate between the flushing machine and the gearbox. 

Flushing is done dynamically, where the old fluid is pumped in combination with a powerful cleaner through the entire system, including the torque converter, while the engine is running. Finally, the whole system gets cleaned by operating all gears of the automatic transmission during rinsing.

PowerFlush® TPE contains two separate transparent oil reservoirs; one for dirty oil and one for fresh oil. The cleaning process can be viewed, and people are surprised at the amount of dirt released. After flushing, the transmission oil circuit, including the torque converter, oil cooler and -pipes, is completely pumped out and collected in the dirty oil reservoir. Finally, precisely the right amount of new ATF is pumped back into the system via the fresh oil reservoir.

"A long list of problems gets solved by flushing and cleaning the automatic transmission"

The best automatic transmission cleaner

Flushing the transmission with the best all-in-one flushing machine? Our ATF Flush instructional video explains which steps must be taken to flush the gearbox thoroughly. Simultaneously it shows precisely how the automatic transmission gets cleaned effectively.

Did you know?
Kroon-Oil PowerFlush® TPE can also flush, clean and refill power steering systems

ATF flush reviews

Hundreds of PowerFlush® TPE specialists (in The Netherlands) solve gearbox problems or flush preventively with the machine. ATF breaks down under thermal loads and absorbs moisture, reducing lubricating properties and increasing wear. 

The solution is the replace all ATF. But unfortunately, when refreshing the old-fashioned way, only 30 to 40% of the old ATF is replaced by new ATF fluid; the torque converter, oil cooler and -pipes are not even cleaned. An additional hazard of this old-fashioned method is the aggravation of the complaints due to loosened dirt due to the high cleaning capacity of the new ATF, which immediately causes new suffering.

Using PowerFlush® TPE's method, the entire system gets cleaned and refreshed in less time and without spilling. On top of that, the maximum achievable result is achieved. In almost all cases, the complaints disappear, and expensive repairs and/or overhauls are avoided. 

Share your ATF flush experience
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Purchase ATF flush machine

Convinced and want to purchase an automatic transmission flushing machine? Then choose PowerFlush® TPE, with which you can distinguish yourself as a workshop owner. With this first-rate ATF flush machine you can offer your customers something much more efficient than a conventional oil change resulting in satisfied clients!

Kroon-Oil Dealers

Boost your workshop traffic with a ATF flush. Kroon-Oil sells these products through its dealers and provides work floor training. 

Benefits of an automatic transmission flush with PowerFlush® TPE

• Effective cleansing of the automatic transmission oil circuit. Including oil cooler, torque converter, valves and all tubes.
• The complete oil circuit is provided with new ATF.
• No mixing of old and new ATF.
• Transparent cleaning process in which released debris is visible.
• Free of air, the oil circuit is wholly and evenly filled with high-quality long-life ATF, which features the correct specifications as the manufacturer prescribes.
• New ATF ensures better lubrication and thus less wear.
• New ATF eliminates excessive clutch slipping, generating less heat, resulting in better gear shifting and lower fuel consumption.
• The Kroon-Oil PowerFlush® is highly effective, user friendly and environmentally friendly.
• Due to the built-in oil cooler (optional), the new ATF can be brought to any desired temperature, which allows the filling and gauging according to the specified requirements of the car manufacturer.• Suitable for all automatic transmissions, CVT’s and DCT’s.
• By using the special adapter also suitable for flushing, cleaning and changing power steering units.


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