'So much more than just an oil change' 

In 2021 we introduced engine flush as one of Kroon-Oil's extensive services. For years we have been able to flush, clean and fully supply automatic transmissions and power steering systems with fresh fluid in an advanced and innovative way. The introduction of engine flush extended our flushing concept, and with two highly-effective products, you flush the motor resulting in squeaky-clean engines.

ATF Engine Flush 

Aside from automatic transmission (ATF) and power steering flush, both done with our PowerFlush® TPE machine, you can now clean petrol- and diesel engines with two brand-new additions to the Kroon-Oil product range. 

The target
They are solving compression loss and increased engine oil consumption. Internal engine pollution has been a much-discussed item for years in Europe and beyond. However, for various reasons, car engines pollute faster than before, resulting in deposits. Those deposits can lead to clogging, sticking piston rings, and a list of other potential problems that cause higher engine oil consumption. With engine flush, you can thoroughly clean and rinse the motor, which most likely solves or prevents the loss of compressions and excessive oil consumption.

Flushing an engine has several beneficial effects. The current generation engines have to meet strict emissions requirements and are, therefore, more sensitive to developing pollution. This is partly due to a high EGR return, which causes more pollution. The piston rings' tolerance is relatively narrow, so the slightest form of contamination impacts the scraper rings' compression and operation negatively. After successfully flushing an engine, it runs more economically and quietly due to restored compressions resulting in less oil consumption, even with typical 'trouble' engines.  

ATF Flush and Engine Flush, the same or not?
Many see ATF Engine Flush as one when they are two completely different types of flushes. For example, Flushing an automatic transmission works differently than flushing an engine. By the way, an ATF Flush is done with our PowerFlush® TPE machine while Engine Flush is not. Please note that manual gearboxes can also be flushed, not only automatic ones ✅.

Engine Flush with Flushing Oil Pro

A spotless result
In just 75 minutes, you will solve all internal pollution, sludge and soot problems. The entire oil circuit is rinsed and cleaned with two highly-effective Kroon-Oil products. First, Flushing Oil Pro provides active cleaning of inner dirt. Then Neutralizer Oil Pro, acting as neutralizing engine oil, offers extra cleaning by removing the last contamination residues. Finally, Kroon-Oil's Motor Flush concept assures car owners of 100% clean and optimally working engines. 

Motor Flush with Neutralizer Oil Pro


The results:
"Engines run more smoothly, rpm's aren't fluctuating anymore, and fuel consumption decreases." 

Car engine cleaner

Better safe, than sorry❗️By preventively opting for a car engine cleaning, problems, disappointments, expensive repairs and warranty claims are prevented. As a workshop owner, you can clean car engines with Kroon-Oil's motor flush and with this new service, you add an extra dimension and revenue model to your garage. On the other hand, customers remain more satisfied because they have the option of a car engine being cleaned, which benefits the engine's durability. WIN-WIN!

Excess Oil Consumption?

Petrol engine cleaner

An engine flush with Flushing Oil Pro and Neutralizer Oil Pro can be seen as a highly effective gasoline engine cleaner. You will obliterate all internal contamination, so we recommend carrying out an engine flush often. At least once every 100.000 kilometres or when you have major maintenance scheduled. This will extend the engine's life drastically.

Please note ⚠️ Depending on usage (many short city trips, oil never reaching operating temperature, etc.); an engine flush can also be relevant at less than 100.000 kilometres.

Don't forget a fuel cleaner for the gasoline
Clean the entire fuel system with Kroon-Oil Petrol Treatment. It rinses the whole fuel system, resulting in higher combustion, fuel savings and lower emissions. With this, you kill two birds with one stone: a clean oil system and a clean petrol system. 

Diesel engine cleaner 

Are you flushing your diesel engine? Flushing Oil Pro and Neutralizer Oil Pro are genuine diesel engine cleaners. As a result, your diesel gets restored to brand new with minimal effort. Where the same goes for petrol engines, we recommend a diesel engine flush carried out by a professional every 100.000 kilometres, meaning it's recommended more often during its lifespan and therefore beneficial for the diesel engine's life. 

Like Petrol Engines, a motor flush can become relevant sooner. How you handle your diesel engine determines the maintenance interval.

Treat the diesel fuel system as well
Kroon-Oil Diesel Treatment cleans the entire diesel fuel system, from tank to injectors. It can be surprising how polluted a fuel system can become. Therefore, rinse the diesel fuel system with every major maintenance. 

Finest Motor Flush there is

Want to know how this first-rate motor flush works in practice? Watch our instructional video. It is an ideal manual for workshop owners, as all steps are explained clearly. Additionally, it gives consumers a good insight into how an engine is flushed.

Motor Flush reviews

The first motor flush experiences are auspicious. Customers (read: workshop owners) are blown away by the amount of dirt that comes off during an engine flush. Flushing Oil Pro and Neutralizer Oil Pro flush the entire engine, resulting in a squeaky clean motor. This way, new fluid flows into a whole clean system, which makes it many times more effective than a conventional oil change. Finally, a long-lasting effect is guaranteed. 

Share your engine flush experience
At Kroon-Oil, we are curious about your findings. In case you would like to share your engine flush experience with us, we would like to invite you to leave a review on our company profile on Google or let us know by mail. 

Purchase Motor Flush products

Convinced and want to purchase motor flush products? Then choose Flushing Oil Pro and Neutralizer Oil Pro, with which you can distinguish yourself as a workshop owner. With this first-rate motor flush, you can offer your customers something much more efficient than a conventional oil change resulting in satisfied clients!

Motor Flush availability

Generate more workshop traffic with a motor flush. Kroon-Oil sells these products through its dealers and provides on-sight training. 


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