'Restore the original efficiency of your fuel system'

Additives provide protection, cleaning and optimisation of fuel systems. Using high-quality fuel additives can depend on the properties of the various additives, resulting in lower fuel consumption and a delayed effect of wear and tear. In this way, you can restore the original efficiency of the fuel system. In this blog, you read everything about the importance of Petrol Treatment. We share our knowledge in the video attached (The Experts' Sessions). We discuss all ins and outs of the product and explain how you should use Petrol Treatment.

The current modern petrol engine is very refined. It's economical, clean, and has a lot of power and torque. Still, it's also very technically complex, for example, due to direct fuel injection, turbo, the presence of a catalyst and a high EGR flow. In addition, modern-day E10 petrol consists partly, you've guessed it, of a 10% bioethanol component.

We recommend using Kroon-Oil Petrol Treatment regularly to keep all these complicated machinists in optimum condition, maintain high reliability, and reduce the chance of unplanned expensive repairs as much as possible.

Incomplete combustion pollutes the combustion chambers, injection systems and intake and exhaust valves with carbon deposits. Adding a gasoline additive such as Petrol Treatment to gasoline fuel provides essential cleaning while restoring the original efficiency of the engine and engine components.

Petrol Fuel Treatment

The key feature of Petrol Treatment is to clean and lubricate the entire fuel system while ensuring better combustion and lower fuel consumption. Petrol Treatment contains good anti-corrosion properties and improves combustion resulting in lower emissions of harmful (unburnt) fuel gases. Thereby it neutralises harmful acids in the tank.

The Experts' Session #2 - Petrol Treatment
Watch The Experts' Session #2 - Petrol Treatment, in which we discuss all ins and outs of this product.


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