'Repairing without tools with the all-in-one flushing machine'


Kroon-Oil PowerFlush® TPE makes it possible to flush, clean and fully supply automatic transmissions and power steering systems with fresh fluid in an advanced and innovative way. Flushing and cleaning the automatic transmission and power steering systems are now even easier with PowerFlush® TPE. You control the entire process by turning just 1 lever.


  • Unique! Two treatments with 1 machine. Save space in your workshop with 1 multi-purpose device.
  • More workshop traffic. As a workshop, you can offer your customers something additional, considering maintenance, which can result in more profitable services. 
  • Spotless results. All dirt and oil sludge is accurately removed, making it much more effective and efficient than conventional refreshments. 
  • Cleaning is a necessity. Modern automatic transmissions are more sensitive to pollution due to developments. Therefore, Flushing is often a necessity to guarantee sustainable operation. 
  • Your customers benefit too. Fewer repairs, fewer warranty claims, a better running transmission, less oil consumption and lower fuel consumption. 
  • Easy to use and ready in no time. Extensive instructional videos are available. 

PowerFlush® TPE has the following unique features:

  • Even easier to use due to the single-switch system.
  • Contaminated oil won't go through the pump.
  • Temperature display.
  • Integrated flow indicator with a warning buzzer.

ATF Flush

Encountering problems with your automatic transmission? Quite often, it is caused by pollution that occurs in the wear process in everyday use. After flushing the automatic transmission with our PowerFlush® TPE, it functions as if it were new in most cases.

Hint: Go for an ATF Flush with our PowerFlush® TPE!

Power Steering Flush

Almost every car has power steering, and this usually contains a system that uses ATF oil or special hydraulic oil. The steering rack is heavily loaded due to intensive use. We therefore strongly recommend cleaning this system on time and providing it with fresh fluids.

Our suggestion: Opt for a Power Steering Flush with our PowerFlush® TPE!

State of service

Kroon-Oil PowerFlush® TPE has proven itself and continues to prove itself in practice. Preventive cleaning and rinsing minimize and prevents numerous problems, costly repairs and warranty claims.

Pollution has been a significant theme in the automotive industry for years now. It's caused by short city trips, low oil temperatures, downsize-engines, significant EGR return, and regularly driving with a low oil level. Don't forget using an insufficient quality oil and extensive service intervals contribute too. 

Contamination and oil sludge leads to soot and carbon deposits, problems with clogged EGR systems, clogged crankcase ventilation and more, resulting in a long list of issues that can be solved by adequately rinsing and cleaning.

PowerFlush® TPE is the latest version (with temperature indication, a warning buzzer and a single-switch system) of the first-generation PowerFlush machines. 

Upgrade your workshop

Are you assured of PowerFlush® TPE's success? Then choose wisely and pick our all-in-one PowerFlush® TPE machine, with which you can offer your clients something extra they don't know they're missing yet as it is much more efficient than a regular oil change.

Generate more workshop traffic with a motor flush. Kroon-Oil sells these products through its dealers and provides on-sight training. 

We help every workshop get started
To give you a head start in working with the PowerFlush® TPE, we have made extensive and very instructive PowerFlush® TPE videos of the procedures taken. Both ATF Flush and Power Steering Flush have an instructional video helping you go through the steps to successfully flush and clean the component.

Bonus: Even rinsing the machine itself has an instructional video. No shortage of tutorials. Please, look at all the flushing options above and discover how PowerFlush® TPE can help your business thrive. 


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