'Flush your Power Steering system with PowerFlush® TPE'

Kroon-Oil PowerFlush® TPE makes it possible to flush, clean and fully supply power steering systems with fresh fluid in an advanced and innovative way. By turning just one lever, you start the entire process. It doesn't become much easier than this. Almost every car has power steering, concerning primarily a hydraulic system that uses ATF or special hydraulic oil. Due to intensive use, the wheelhouse is heavily loaded. Therefore, we strongly encourage cleaning this system frequently and providing it with fresh fluids.

Power Steering fluid change with PowerFlush® TPE

Kroon-Oil's PowerFlush® TPE method makes it possible to flush, clean and refill the automatic transmission in an advanced and innovative way. The process is highly effective with minimal effort and without creating a mess in the garage.

Our PowerFlush® TPE is connected to the transmission's oil circuit through a return pipe, whereafter the ATF can circulate between the flushing machine and the gearbox. Flushing is done dynamically, where the old fluid is pumped in combination with a powerful cleaner through the entire system, including the torque converter, while the engine is running. Finally, the whole system gets cleaned by operating all gears of the automatic transmission during rinsing.

PowerFlush® TPE contains two separate transparent oil reservoirs; one for dirty oil and one for fresh oil. The cleaning process can be viewed, and people are surprised at the amount of dirt released. After flushing, the transmission oil circuit, including the torque converter, oil cooler and -pipes, is completely pumped out and collected in the dirty oil reservoir. Finally, precisely the right amount of new ATF is pumped back into the system via the fresh oil reservoir.

Power Steering Fluid Change


"Prevent unredeemable wear and tear by flushing the power steering system in time"

PowerFlush® TPE: The most effective power steering cleaner

For the most satisfactory result, you opt for the PowerFlush® TPE machine. The system gets cleaned in its most efficient way, and our power steering tutorial exactly shows the required steps to be taken.

Did you know?
Kroon-Oil PowerFlush® TPE can also flush, clean and refill automatic transmission.



Power steering flush reviews

Many have preceded you, and today, the PowerFlush® TPE, or one of the earlier generation machines, is flushing power steering systems at the workshop of satisfied customers and partners. Why are they happy? Because the absolute cleaning result is achieved.

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Did you convince yourself to want a power steering flush machine? Then choose PowerFlush® TPE, with which you can differentiate yourself as a workshop owner. With this excellent power steering flush device, you can offer your customers something extra!

Boost your workshop traffic with a power steering flush machine. PowerFlush® TPE is available, and we provide work floor training too.


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