'Technical Support at the highest level of motorsport' 

Kroon-Oil is characterized by a high-quality, attractive and complete product line. Flexibility and rapidness in response to marketing developments are of great importance. Our range is always up-to-date, ensuring first-rate quality due to constant research and an innovative policy. Being a partner at the highest level of motorsport requires significant support and technical understanding. Kroon-Oil employs more than 116 years of experience to help our partners with lubrication and maintenance products so they can perform optimally.

Kroon-Oil is a frequently seen lubricant brand on both track and rally. But, can anyone knock on our door for sponsorship or support?

Chris Ingram - Rally Warrior


Our goal is obvious; we want as many (motorsport) athletes as possible to benefit from Kroon-Oil's top-notch quality and actively promote our beautiful brand in various markets. Every day, we receive many requests for sponsorships and support from people worldwide. To test applications, provide clarity and not make promises we cannot keep, we have determined the sponsor policy below.


Kroon-Oil B.V., as a brand owner of Kroon-Oil, focuses on collaborations in various segments in which the brand is active. Directly related to our business are motorsports. Therefore, our starting point is being present in these segments internationally (preferably European and World Championship).


Sponsorship of national and regional championships is the responsibility of our importers/distributors and dealers. You can find our worldwide partners via our dealer finder. Kroon-Oil does not influence our worldwide partners' possibilities regarding cooperation or sponsorships.

Sponsor conditions

We use a series of criteria against which we consider sponsorship applications.
We list these considerations below: 

  • What we sponsor must align with our brand's core values: Excellent quality & professionalism.
  • With genuine respect for individualists, we prefer professional teams that can give real meaning to proactive PR activities.
  • It is a plus if we can creatively broaden our sponsorship activities, for example:
  • Events or sports which are not directly related to the industry, with which the target group is reached
  • With proactive cooperation with an emphasis on content creation and publication (including bartering)
  • Where we can use an extensive (online) network of the relevant partner.The options for issuing professional press releases and visual materials before, during and after every event are   important
  • We like to look at projects in the longer term. 
  • As an international player, we prefer to support projects that give us international exposure
  • It is important for us to be substantially present with our logo, in the original colours, on all carriers

The following applications are therefore less likely to be eligible for direct sponsorship by Kroon-Oil:

  • Regional events or regional championships
  • National events or national championships
  • Individuals acting from a hobby or based on an ideology
  • Events taking place at a location already sponsored by another lubricant or maintenance product partner

Teams already supported by another lubricant or maintenance product

What form does the sponsorship take?

When we sponsor, the presence and use of our products is the basis for the cooperation. In addition, we expect a clear and substantial presence of our logos within the team. The agreements made regarding the cooperation are laid down in an agreement that Kroon-Oil B.V. has created for its Kroon-Oil brand. This is signed by both parties.

We also expect a proactive attitude with regard to communication. The starting point is how the parties reinforce each other. One of the strict conditions for a cooperation is the provision of professional previews and reviews and royalty-free photo and/or video materials surrounding every event or competition.  And certainly, also online involvement by means of tags/interaction (comment/share) on social channels and hashtags. 

Sponsorship applications

If you have read the above and want to make an application, please do so via this form. Sending a sponsorship application does not guarantee sponsorship, even if your application meets all the criteria. Your request will be processed as soon as possible and you can expect an answer within 14 days, at the latest.

 Charity Committee

For sponsorship and support of charities, we ask you to have a look at our Charity Committee web page. It's in Dutch as the Charity Committee supports (local) cultural and social initiatives. 





We are happy to answer them.

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