'During events such as Dakar, knowledge, quality and reliability come together' 


The Dakar Rally is known as the toughest rally in the world and has a legendary status. You are braving challenging yet amazing surroundings as fast as possible, while the Dakar crew ensures an enormous reach across off- and online media as everything gets recorded and captured: leading to the most amazing photos and videos you can imagine. Aside from creating brand awareness, it is the perfect benchmark to test Kroon-Oil products in multiple dimensions. How do our products perform and hold up under these conditions? The Dakar Rally provides tons of data that we can take into our lab for further research, and the feedback given by our partners helps us in the right direction. Besides our current agreement with Van Loon Racing, which already has registered for the Dakar Rally 2023, Kroon-Oil has had beautiful partnerships in the past with whom we still have cordial relationships.

Partnership with Van Loon Racing
"Our cooperation with Kroon-Oil has been very satisfactory for a couple of years. We drive with their lubricants, and the quality never disappoints. The contact with the company is excellent. It is a beautiful and innovative company. I look forward to many years of working together—starting with the Dakar Rally, where we will face new challenges with our new Toyota Hilux T1+. Their products play a crucial role in maintaining all our vehicles," says Erik van Loon. Kroon-Oil has been and is the exclusive lubricant partner of Van Loon Racing for many years, and both extensive experiences in various competitions connect seamlessly.


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