'Accelerating talent in their road to F1'


Diving into our history teaches us that we go way back concerning sponsoring. What started simply is now evolved into something significant, with a global presence. A perfect example is our current partnership with MP Motorsport since 2013. MP Motorsport is the hatchery for young drivers with a common dream: becoming Formula 1 World Champion. MP Motorsport was founded in 1994 and operates as a true family that today has more than 60 members from all over Europe. The Dutch racing team offers their talents the opportunity to grow in various racing classes on their way to the highest level: Formula 1.

MP Motorsport is successful in the following racing categories: Formule 2, Formule 3, Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine (FRECA) and Formule 4. Many Dutch talents come from MP Motorsport's breeding ground. Think of: Richard Verschoor, Bent Viscaal, Kas Haverkort, Rik Koen and many more.

Also, in 2022 MP Motorsport started the season with confidence. All winter, they have worked hard to have an even better season than in 2021, and their hard work was rewarded. Felipe Drugovich took the drivers' title in Monza (the penultimate round), and for MP Motorsport, it was their first title in Formula 2. The icing on the cake was the constructors' title in Abu Dhabi, which was also their first. 

Partnership with MP Motorsport
Kroon-Oil has been a strong technical partner in motorsport for many years. The long-standing collaboration with MP Motorsport underlines our strong market position as a high-level lubricant brand. The DNA of both companies is almost the same: constantly striving for the maximum achievable result, wanting to be progressive and innovative, we care about each other and encourage everyone to get the best out of themselves. It's a relationship that goes way beyond product sponsorship since we started working together in 2013. MP Motorsport's ROAD TO F1 - Accelerating Talent campaign is the perfect platform to prove and improve Kroon-Oil's outstanding products under intense circumstances while the team provides international exposure.







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