'The ideal foam cleaner for in and around the house'

Multi Foam Cleaner is a multifunctional (it's in the name) foam cleaner. A real all-rounder that is wanted in every garage and/or household. In this blog, we discuss the multi-usability of a household's favourite.

What is Multi Foam Cleaner?
Multi Foam Cleaner is a multifunctional foam cleaner in a spray can. A super handy product to have at home because, as the name implies, it’s a multifunctional foam cleaner.

This product effortlessly removes dirt, grease, lime, dust, fingerprints, insect residue, nicotine stains and other stubborn dirt. Furthermore, it does not affect paint, varnish, rubber, metal, chrome and plastic, and it dries without streaks.

Multi-functional foam cleaner | Multi Foam Cleaner


How to use Multi Foam Cleaner?
It’s easy to use. Shake the aerosol well before use. Apply a thin layer and buff it out with a soft, lint-free cloth. 

Multi Foam Cleaner is suitable for windows, furniture, upholstery and other fabrics.



Multi-purpose foam cleaner | Multi Foam Cleaner


The Experts' Sessions #4 - Multi Foam Cleaner 
Please, watch our Experts' Sessions about Multi Foam Cleaner, in which we consult about the product usage and proper application.



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Where can I get Multi Foam Cleaner?
You can purchase Multi Foam Cleaner at your nearest Kroon-Oil dealer. Please, use our dealer finder to find the closest merchant. 

Multi-purpose cleaning spray | Multi Foam Cleaner


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