'A perfect lubricant for the maintenance of the knives of hedge trimmers'

We have recently added Bio Hedge Trimmer Spray to our product range. A perfect lubricant for the maintenance of the knives of hedge trimmers. In this blog, we will take you through the unique properties of this new kid on the block and why this lubricant has been welcomed with open arms within the Garden & Park range.

What is Bio Hedge Trimmer Spray?
Bio Hedge Trimmer Spray is a specialized lubricant for the optimal lubrication of hedge trimmer blades. The product has excellent lubricating properties and dissolves resin effectively, not only ensuring optimum machine operation, but also providing protection against the effects of acids, and preventing rust. On top of that, the product is biodegradable. 

The importance of proper maintenance
Proper maintenance of cutting tools such as hedge trimmers is essential. Unfortunately, these tools quickly become dirty due to, for example, resin pollution, which can quickly deteriorate the effectiveness of the device. Bio Hedge Trimmer Spray effectively dissolves resin and other dirt while ensuring optimal lubrication and guaranteeing optimum machine operation. 

Regular use of Bio Hedge Trimmer Spray ensures problem-free and sustainable use of (professional) tools. 

How can I adequately protect my hedge trimmer?
We recommend regularly using Bio Hedge Trimmer Spray to protect your hedge trimmer adequately. In addition, the blades should preferably be cleaned with Kroon-Oil Quick Cleaner XT, after which they should dry well.

Then spray the knives of your hedge trimmer entirely with 2 to 3 layers of Bio Hedge Trimmer Spray and let it soak in for a while. If your hedge trimmer is out of use for a long time, the blades should be treated again after a few weeks to prevent rust formation. This keeps your hedge trimmer in optimum condition and extends its lifespan. After all, a well-functioning hedge trimmer contributes to a neat garden, right?

Where can I get Bio Hedge Trimmer Spray?
You can purchase Bio Hedge Trimmer Spray at your nearest Kroon-Oil dealer. Please, use our dealer finder to find the closest merchant. 

How To Use - Bio Hedge Trimmer Spray
Please, watch our How To Use - Bio Hedge Trimmer Spray video, in which we consult on the correct application of your hedge trimmer.

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