'Engine cleaning products that ensure a thorough and precise cleaning procedure'

Kroon-Oil presents Flushing Oil Pro and Neutralizer Oil Pro, two unique products that promise to revolutionize engine cleaning procedures. These mighty solutions provide an efficient and quick cleaning process, complemented by a simple step-by-step plan that makes engine maintenance a breeze. You can achieve maximum results without a flushing machine with Flushing Oil Pro and Neutralizer Oil Pro. Furthermore, as every engine tends to accumulate pollutants and debris over time, Flushing Oil Pro and Neutralizer Oil Pro have been proven to be highly effective in restoring engines to their optimal performance levels.

Kroon-Oil is committed to providing the best engine cleaning solution. Unlike other brands that add a flushing agent to contaminated motor oil, we prioritize the removal of old, contaminated oil before using our Flushing Oil Pro. This product is a clean, low-viscosity motor oil that contains a powerful cleaning additive in the optimal ratio. It ensures that regardless of the crankcase capacity, the dosage of the cleaning additive is always correct for the best results.

After using Flushing Oil Pro, it's essential to rinse the engine with our Neutralizer Oil Pro to remove any remaining Flushing Oil Pro. This cleaning method is unique and highly effective. Only after rinsing with these two products can the new oil be added. By following our step-by-step plan during rinsing, you can achieve a spotless result quickly.

A hot topic in automotive
As of late, engine flushing has gained a considerable amount of attention due to the more stringent emission requirements for modern engines. International regulations closely monitor compliance with stricter environmental and emission standards, which has led to the introduction of technological advancements that cause an increase in internal engine contamination.

Modern downsized engines are susceptible to pollution due to their 'new' driving technology. Using EGR systems to reduce NOx emissions further promotes internal engine pollution as some dirty exhaust gases are recirculated back into the engine. It is widely understood that such systems contribute to engine buildup. Additionally, the mandatory addition of biofuels harms engine cleanliness.


Simple yet effective
In addition to motor flushing with the PowerFlush® TPE flushing machine, Kroon-Oil now also offers a second flushing method to help the professional get started. Very satisfactory results can also be achieved with this more straightforward and faster way of rinsing the motor.

Even better results are obtained when flushing with the PowerFlush® TPE flushing machine in the case of seriously internally polluted engines, as the oil is filtered extra by using microfilters on the machine. After an Engine Flush, the compression is restored, which reduces oil consumption, and the engine runs more economically and quietly again, even with typical problem engines.

Achieve a thorough internal engine cleaning with Flushing Oil Pro, Neutralizer Oil Pro (available in cans, Bag-in-Box, and drums), new oil filters, and a series of simple steps. Rest assured that you'll get fantastic results.


The steps to be taken

  1. Remove the oil drain plug, drain the used motor oil, and reinstall the drain plug.
  2. Fill the crankcase with the appropriate Kroon-Oil Flushing Oil Pro amount.
  3. Let the engine idle for 30 minutes, up to a maximum of 2500 RPM.
  4. Remove the old oil filter and install a new one.
  5. Drain all Kroon-Oil Flushing Oil Pro and refill with the appropriate amount of Kroon-Oil Neutralizer Oil Pro.
  6. Let the engine idle for 15 minutes, up to a maximum of 2500 RPM.
  7. Remove the old oil filter again and install a new one.
  8. Drain all Kroon-Oil Neutralizer Oil Pro.
  9. Fill the crankcase with the recommended amount of motor oil as prescribed on www.kroon-oil.com.

Note: These are the steps in brief. Before starting the flushing procedure, we advise you to read and follow the detailed instructions that provide all the necessary steps.


How To Use - Kroon-Oil Flushing Oil Pro & Neutralizer Oil Pro
Please, watch our how-to-use video and experience how simple yet effective an engine flush can be.

Where can I get Flushing Oil Pro and Neutraliser Oil Pro?
You can purchase both products at your nearest Kroon-Oil dealer. Please, use our dealer finder to find the closest merchant. 

At Kroon-Oil, we take pride in our ability to adapt to market changes and provide our customers with a unique advantage - the option to choose between two engine flushing methods.

Professionals can opt for an engine flush with or without the popular PowerFlush® TPE, ensuring a thorough cleansing of the entire system.

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