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Advanced insights have led to the development of the new Agri Performance Line! The current generation of agricultural mechanization and contracting companies have to deal with significant technological developments and innovations. Modern tractors and agricultural equipment are becoming more advanced, more powerful and more comfortable to operate. Increased engine power, payloads and the use of high-tech automatic transmissions significantly increase performance, ease of use and versatility. As a result, modern tractors are, to a greater extent being used to pull heavy trailers, both in the field and on public roads. Higher engine power allows for higher speeds which, in combination with the increased comfort, means that contractors are more inclined to use a tractor when goods have to be transported over a longer distance. These developments also put a greater strain on the wet brake systems and transmission oils in which the friction materials of the wet brakes operate. An important point to note is that the creaking of brakes is often the first sign of overloading. In addition, modern transmission systems must also make a significant contribution to fuel savings and the reduction of harmful emissions. Simultaneously, we are seeing that maintenance intervals are being progressively extended.

Consequently, a very high-quality system fluid (agricultural lubricants) is an absolute must if you don’t want to compromise on comfort, safety, reliability and service life. In light of this, Kroon-Oil has reviewed its range of various STOU and UTTO products and, where necessary, introduced new products, upgraded existing ones and said goodbye to old familiar favourites. Hence, the range of high-quality agricultural products with lubricants for tractors, harvesters, seeders, earth moving machinery and more is now completely up-to-date and ready to take on the future.

Ready to take on the future with fewer products! 
Due to all the recent technical developments, our range of different STOU and UTTO products has increased considerably in recent years. New products were introduced to meet the latest specifications of modern machines, while our existing range of conventional products also still remained complete. Due to the growing range of products, it became increasingly difficult for our customers to select the right lubricant with so many choices available.  This was reason enough to take a closer look at our range and to upgrade products where necessary, or if they had become redundant, to remove products from the range. The result is a considerably streamlined assortment which still covers both the older machines and the latest modern equipment.

"Advanced high-quality raw materials ensure a responsible rationalization of the Kroon-Oil agricultural and earth-moving range. This new line of premium lubricants covers the entire spectrum, from both conventional- to the most modern powertrains".

'Our Agri-assortment has been completely revised, now with new agricultural oils of first-rate quality' 

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This fully synthetic UTTO with unique OSP technology is a premium product within the AGRI performance line. This product has been specially developed for extreme heavy-loaded hydraulic systems, transmissions and final transmissions of modern agricultural and earth-moving equipment. During its development, extra attention was paid to, among other things, fuel economy and optimal friction control for trouble-free and low-noise operation of wet brake systems, even in extremely heavy use. It meets the tough Volvo WB 102 requirements for wet brakes and is fully compatible with modern friction materials used in today’s wet braking systems. In addition to the aforementioned Volvo approval, this product also meets specifications and approvals from other leading manufacturers such as Massey Ferguson, Case, John Deere, Caterpillar, ZF and Allison As a result, Agrifluid Synth XHP Ultra is particularly versatile throughout the year. This new product is fully compatible and miscible with conventional mineral UTTOs as well as with Agrifluid Synth WB, which is now being discontinued.

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This is a new generation high performance Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO). A recent upgrade, which includes a higher quality Group II base oil and a high-end viscosity index improver, has further improved the quality of this product. These changes have resulted in the added advantage of better resistance against oxidation of the oil and a higher, shear stable, viscosity index.  The consequential benefits are better resistance against oxidation of oil and a higher, shear stable, viscosity index. This ensures a more suitable oil for applications in heavy-loaded systems with relatively high-operating temperatures. The oil maintains its viscosity very well, even towards the end of the drain interval. This product is therefore very suitable for use in heavily loaded hydraulic systems, transmissions (including certain CVTs) and final drives, with or without wet brakes, of the most common modern agricultural and earthmoving machines. Agrifluid HT-Plus also has ZF-Approval. Many well-known tractor manufacturers use these high-end (CVT)-transmissions in their tractor models. This product also meets specifications and approvals from leading manufacturers such as: Massey Ferguson, Case, New Holland, John Deere, Caterpillar, Fendt and Valtra.

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This premium Super Tractor Transmission Oil Universal (STOU) is a major upgrade of our well-known Kroontrak Synth 10W-40. Kroontrak CVT 10W-40 is based entirely on group II base oils and a high-grade, shear stable, viscosity index improver. As a result, the oil is able to maintain its SAE 10W-40 viscosity throughout the drain interval, even after intensive use and heavy loads.  Due to this quality upgrade, Agrifluid CVT will be discontinued. Kroontrak CVT 10W-40 is ideally suited in all cases where Kroontrak Synth 10W-40 or Agrifluid CVT were previously recommended. This universal and multi-purpose oil is therefore extremely suitable for lubricating both internal combustion engines (petrol and diesel), transmissions (including CVTs) and hydraulic systems. Kroontrak CVT 10W-40 is officially approved for use in various ZF-transmissions. Many well-known manufacturers use ZF’s high-end (CVT) transmissions in their tractor models. Furthermore, this product also meets specifications and approvals from leading manufacturers such as: Massey Ferguson, New Holland, John Deere, Caterpillar, Mercedes-Benz and Allison.

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This universal and multifunctional STOU was formerly known as Kroontrak Super 10W-30 and will now have a new name: Kroontrak MTH 10W-30. As with its predecessor, this universal product is suitable for use in all combustion engines (petrol- and diesel), transmissions (including wet brakes) and hydraulic systems. Since an SAE 10W-30 STOU can be used, without consequence, as a replacement in all cases where a manufacturer recommends an SAE 15W-30 STOU, we have decided to remove Kroontrak Super 15W-30 from our product range and replace it with Kroontrak MTH 10W-30.

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We will happily help you prepare for the future in Agriculture with our agricultural oils. As your total agricultural oil supplier we assist workshops in earthmoving, road construction and garden & park and make your work a lot easier.

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