'If you have to endure long-distance racing, quality products are a must'


Our history shows years of active participation in several forms of long-distance racing and, with such also, endurance. MP Motorsport and Van Loon Racing have also been involved in this category for years. In endurance racing, Kroon-Oil products are submitted to challenging conditions. For 6, 12 or even 24 hours, our products have to lubricate and maintain high-performance vehicles, and they do so with gusto. Temperatures are constantly high, and engine components require strenuous activity to keep things running. Therefore, quality products are a must.

MP Motorsport
Kroon-Oil has been a strong technical partner in motorsport for many years. The long-standing collaboration with MP Motorsport underlines our strong market position as a high-level lubricant brand. The DNA of both companies is almost the same: constantly striving for the maximum achievable result, wanting to be progressive and innovative, we care about each other and encourage everyone to get the best out of themselves. It's a relationship that goes way beyond product sponsorship since we started working together in 2013.

Van Loon Racing
Our cooperation with Kroon-Oil has been very satisfactory for a couple of years. We drive with their lubricants, and the quality never disappoints. The contact with the company is excellent. It is a beautiful and innovative company, and I look forward to many years of working together. Their products play a crucial role in maintaining all our vehicles," says Erik van Loon. Kroon-Oil has been and is the exclusive lubricant partner of Van Loon Racing for many years, and both extensive experiences in various competitions connect seamlessly.





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