'Traditionally the best bicycle products for performance cyclists'


Kroon-Oil has always been present within the bicycle segment. As a result, people aren't used to anything other than Kroon-Oil's extensive range of bicycles. The Netherlands is one of the most prominent nations in the world concering cycling, and as a Dutch lubricant manufacturer, bicycle products couldn't miss out on our extensive product range. Whether you have a mountain bike, racing bike or electric bicycle, the Kroon-Oil bicycle line contains products for optimal lubrication, protection in all weather conditions and cleaning.

Kroon-Oil has a line for sporty cyclists, Xtreme, which contains all the necessary products. Xtreme bicycle products offer powerful cleaning and optimal lubrication of the components in all weather conditions and have a biodegradable variant. In addition, all cleaning products are biodegradable. The Xtreme product line is suitable for mountain, BMX and road bikes but can also be used excellently for the city- and touring bikes. 

Partnership with Sensa-Kanjers for Kanjers Cycling Team
A strong product line for two-wheelers naturally also requires strong cooperation. The Sensa-Kanjers voor Kanjers Cycling Team is one of the strongholds concerning training talents in the east of the Netherlands and allows Kroon-Oil the opportunity to permanently draw attention to years of history and experience in the field of bicycle products. Additionally, modern equipment that riders use today places great demands on lubricants. Racing bikes are technically advanced, which requires professional maintenance. The Kroon-Oil Xtreme bicycle products fit in seamlessly with this. 


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